Django Unchained Movie Review


Wow, Tarantino killed it yet again. This movie starts off by showing the pain of Django, played by Jamie Foxx, in a progressive role which has him subdued in the beginning and by the end a showboating battle tested hero. He has been beaten down, whipped to pieces and taken from his wife, who also has some vicious things done to her throughout the movie. Some of the visuals were hard to take. Kerry Washington plays the wife, Broomhilda, brilliantly. In this movie she has 2 versions of the same character. The first being the beautiful glimpses of her Django sees, how he remembers her, passing visions he knows are only in his mind. The second is the brutal reality of her life in 1858. Let me tell you, she can sell torture really well.

The language is over the top; Tarantino had to break some records with his use of the N-word. Some of the conversations in the movie are downright comical. The scene with the KKK riding in to mob our heroes and then breaking off on a 10 minute conversation about how their hoods don’t fit (with a cameo by Jonah Hill) was hilarious.

Leonardo DiCaprio played the villain of the movie, Monsieur Calvin Candy, a truly evil slave trader who happens to be in possession of Django’s wife. He also instigates a pretty brutal scene of sending his dogs onto a runaway slave, cringe worthy to say the least.

Two best characters in the movie were Christoph Waltz playing Dr. King Schultz, a bounty hunter roaming through the south who rescues Django and eventually partners up with him to save Broomhilda. He plays an educated man whose vocabulary is more than the south can handle. No matter the situation he calmly uses his large words to diffuse the dumber crowds. Another awesome character is Samuel L. Jackson playing Stephen, Candy’s house slave, who is reminiscent of The Boondocks Uncle Ruckus. Sorry for the Boondocks reference but it is spot on. If you don’t know what Boondocks is then you’re missing out. Look that up as well. Moving on. Stephen has such a high post at the ranch, feeling superior to all the other slaves. His villain is on par with DiCaprio’s Candy. His character brought a lot of laughs to the crowd. Some though his pro slavery views, and some through the fact Candy kept him around because of his over the top comments.

Tarantino had some truly great shots in this movie. Visually for a western it was impressive. I did expect the amount of blood to be excessive and was not surprised when the first shot was fired and the man turned into a gallon of blood exploding in every direction. As usual his music selection was great. He mixed it up well with your truly western songs, some throw backs from the 80′s, and some new music. But I loved how he used Rick Ross’s ’100 Black Coffins’ in the scene panning along their convoy. The main shootout flows with an impressive soundtrack that will have your head bobbing along with Django’s impressive gun play. This movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long but I would have never even noticed it if not for all people taking bathroom breaks. This movie flowed well right up to the end. I have read reviews saying this movie had way too much dialogue, but I disagree. This is a Tarantino movie; to expect anything less than the witty dialogue that was presented would have been surprising. In the end this movie was awesome, but if you can’t take some brutal violence or excessive use of the N-word, then maybe this isn’t for you. Everyone else enjoy, this was worth it. Between the scenery, music, and action this movie was brilliant.


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