Far Cry 3 Video Game Review


Just finished Far Cry 3. The depth they put into the characters pulled me into this game from the beginning. Lets start out with the main character, Jason Brody, and the crazy ass story that follows. Young, naive, thrill seeker at the beginning. Vacationing with his friends, skydiving, looking for that adrenaline boost we all aim for when young and fearless. In the end though, transformed into a mad man, crazed killer, overall juggernaut, and quite possibly my new video game hero. A transformation so expertly pushed along by the story. This game captured the human emotion in every character portrayed perfectly. Your goal is to save all of your friends and family held captive by the pirates.

A little back story on me, I need games with progression and a kick ass story to keep me and my infinitely short attention span on track. I need games that include things like, Uncharted’s story line, with L.A. Noir’s problem solving, and most importantly, a little God Of War straight ass kicking. This game plays the story perfectly. Which makes up for the lack of problem solving, not any puzzles in this game.  But the action is crazy. This game has a lot of filler in between the story, kill animals to craft, pick flowers to be lame(or to make medicine), and take over pirate towns to find out how creative you can be in taking down a fortress. You can easily just bust in blazing like Dirty Harry, but where’s the challenge in that. Or find the high point and just snipe the hell out of everything. But then again this is my favorite way, Fire a rocket into the place, set fire to some buildings and snipe an animal out of its cage, then sit back with a cold beer. Love Mexican beer, Seems my favorite beer these days is seriously Dos Equis. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I’m usually watching a tiger on fire maiming a group of pirates. 

Now the acting of the 2 main villains deserves some kind of award or a game of their own. Vaas, the main boss sidekick, was well portrayed, love his speeches, especially the one where he describes the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” which pertaining to this game, is trying to kill Jason Brody. He has a sense of madness and a violent edge that makes him a likable character for his originality alone. After him, I wondered how the main villain could top him. But then enters Hoyt, The man who runs this island full of human trafficking. A little more subdued then Vaas, but still the madness of this character was well over the top. The quests to bring him down are awesome though, you get help from the German bad ass named Sam. This guy loves anarchy and you get to help him live out his dreams. All in an attempt to bring down the kingpin.

Visuals are cool and the map is huge, like Skyrim huge. Wish they went with a higher format though, 720P is cool and all, but come on yo, this is a new era, push it up to 1080. Love the music selection. This game starts off with some M.I.A. Paper Planes in the beginning intro video, showing the good times before this game dives into the true nature of this island. Also has some reggae dubstup while you set fire to some crops of weed. Not a fan of dubstep but throw in some reggae and I might have to rethink that. Tis pretty awesome. Best part was when I snuck up on a base and heard some Die Antwoord, playing from the bandits speakers as they partied. A South African Rap group, that I randomly found on Itunes a couple of months ago. Didn’t know what I was listening to at first, but it grew on me, some crazy music.

As I literally just finished this game, I felt a tad bit of sadness. There are few games that come along with this kind of story telling, and this rates in my top 5, at least with the dialogue that all the characters have with each other. Brings you more into the story. I could have wasted more time overtaking pirate bases, but lost interest after realizing that a couple well placed rocket shots into the forts made taking the bases easy. You don’t get rockets or many good weapons from the beginning, you unlock them as the story progresses. So by the end I just felt a need to see the story finish, and the ending is amazing. The ending was so good it brought me to write this. Pretty awesome folks, great games are few and far between. Play the shit out of this gamers, encourage the powers that be to make more of these kinds of games.

Anyone know of anything with an awesome involving story, reply back to me. I need something fresh after this and refuse to go back to the repetitive nature of Call of Duty. 



  1. isaac says:

    u ever play fallout 3? or skyrim? i know there not farcry 3 but they are a great story, one that your can craft by the decisions you make.

    • admin says:

      Yeah I beat fallout 3, but I couldn’t play Skyrim, my woman took the controller became addicted and wouldn’t let me play. Currently playing DMC3 right now though, kinda repetitive, but the story is cool..

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