Dredd Movie Review




Hello again people. This movie was a huge upgrade over the Stallone version, a movie you could usually find in the 5 dollar bin at WalMart. I guess the only thing I kind of liked about the original was Rob Schneider, and maybe the robot, The ABC Warrior. Anyway, this new story is nothing like the original. It starts out with a crazy car chase, which introduces how super badass our Judge Dredd is. This time around he is Karl Urban, I have liked this actor in the Bourne Supremacy, and even more in Red. I even liked how he portrayed Bones in the J.J. Abrahms Star Trek reboot, so I guess I kind of came into this with some high hopes from the beginning. Not to say Urban hasn’t made some duds though, I fell asleep in Priest and also in Doom, that movie was horrible. If your selling point is to recreate the video game experience and you try to do it shot for shot, well then you dug you hole already and good luck climbing out. But anyway I do like Karl Urban as an actor and in this movie he did a good job portraying Judge Dredd. He was hella intense through the whole movie and never took off the mask. Urban played Dredd with the intensity he deserved.

The best part of the movie though was the visuals, I admit I didn’t see this movie in 3D, but I imagined how cool it would look. The best visuals came from when the characters took in the drug Slo-Mo, They would immediately slow down to one 1/100th of normal speed, this made for some amazing shots which apparently the director loved to use, cause it played a part in the whole movie. It does look epic though. Judge Dredd is the ultimate enforcer, Judge, Jury, and Executioner. In this movie he picks up a partner, a psychic named Cassandra, apparently reading minds can prove to be really useful for a Judge. Her mind reading abilities also prove to be another awesome visual experience for the crowd with her battling the criminals in their own minds. Dredd and the psychic mess up while apprehending a drug dealer in slum tower block, and suddenly find themselves in a fight for their lives to escape the building.

Mama is the villain, a scarred ex prostitute who has taken over every gang in the tower, played exquisitely by Lena Headey, better known as Cersei from Game Of Thrones. She plays a sadistic crime lord who orders a hit on the 2 Judges locked into the building. So basically this movie is them trying to escape this building, they get little help from the locals, and even less help from the fellow judges that finally get into the building. This movie is basically Judge Dredd brutally handing out justice and Cassandra reading some pretty warped minds. and their attempt to escape the tower with prisoner in hand.

This movie kinda reminded me of The Raid Redemption, which was epic by its own standard. Bust up through the levels, try to get to the top, kill the kingpin and then just walk out the front door. Except with the Raid, and its insane martial arts, Dredd did it with over the top weapons. This movies worth watching, kinda wish I had 3D, but only for the Slo-Mo parts, the rest of the movie didn’t look like it would have mattered. In the end I liked this movie for the visuals alone, whether from the Slo-Mo drug or the way the Psychic interacted with the scene, and also the viciousness of the villain. Dredd was cool but the psychic was more interesting. The whole movie looked over saturated, which gave it a dream like look. And when the drug was taken, well they amped up the saturation and slowed the cameras which made the scenes look amazing.

This movie was good and if I had a rating scale I would rate it 7.4 out of a 10, take that as you will, I need some sort of structure on here.


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