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Uncle Ruckus Boondocks Spinoff
The Facebook Buildup of the Boondocks had me hoping for a new season, or quite possibly a movie. But I didn’t expect this,  See More

The Odd World of Sesame Street

Well I’ve been practicing with photoshop out of boredom, I kinda liked the way my Muppets pics came out. Figured I’d try my hand at more muppets, the Sesame Street kind. This time around I did, Corrupt, Upgrade, Addiction, and Tenacity.

Sesame Street Intro

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Archer and Bob’s Burgers Crossover

Archer Bob's Burgers CrossoverAre Archer and Bob the same person? How ****ing amazing was this episode, I’m a fan of both shows, and this episode was great, from the beginning till the end.. Bob’s Burgers in a crossover on Archer, complete with family.. By the way Jon Benjamin is comedy.. 

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Photoshop and Muppets go Hand in Hand

Got crazy bored today and opened up photoshop. I had no idea where I was going with it but I do love me some muppets. I like the way these turned out, especially the Beaker one. Madness I say, Madness….


Dredd Movie Review

Untitled-1Awesome Visuals, Way better than the orginal

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Far Cry 3 Video Game Review

FC3Grand Scale, Fiery Destruction, Epic Madness

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Django Unchained Movie Review

django-unchained-quentin-tarantino-jamie-foxx-christoph-waltzTarantino doesn’t make too many movies but he never fails to impress..

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