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Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Zombie_Jesus_by_Angry_Eyeball We’re not really into religion by any stretch of the imagination, but we are followers of Zombie Jesus Day. Found this picture over at Deviant ArtThe artist who submitted it is Angry-EyeballAgain people, Happy Zombie Jesus Day from us here At Background Hysteria.


The Easter Bunny hates you..

What does the Easter Bunny do the other 364 days of the year. Kicking ass and terrorizing the neighborhood. Pretty slick video I found on Youtube from Clippomania 


Comics and Artwork: Ben Templesmith puts other artists to shame.

Alright, this guy has a wicked imagination and a superior artistic talent to back it up. We first heard about Ben Templesmith when I found this book ‘Welcome to Hoxford,’ Creativity at it’s best..

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PC Load Letter, WTF does that mean?

Office Space, Walking Dead Fan.. Decided to mash them into one pic.


Kick Ass 2 Trailer Premier


Alright today is a good day in the Kick Ass World, with the intro of a new trailer for Kick Ass 2. This awesome flick will be in the movies on August 16th. This movie trailer has me hyped. I’ve seen the original, well, just about every time it’s on TV. When you look at what’s on TV these days, Kick Ass is an improvement on most everything. Even with all the editing they have to do to show it on TV.

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Project X: Movie Review


Alright I’m all in with this movie. It’s the type of movie you can turn on when there is absolutely nothing else to watch. This movie has been making its way around my premium channels. Originally on Max, but now I found it on HBO. I heard this was based on a real party in LA. But seriously doubt it. At least not to this extent.
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Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin

Creepy Actors, Awesome Camera Work, And a Flamethrower. A Trifecta of fun. Film from Blink. Note to self, Get a Flamethrower. Side note, stay away from rednecks. Alright maybe not, my roots are redneck but I fled to California to escape the hills.
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Dead Pool: A Typical Tuesday: Fan Film

Dead Pool
I’m a huge fan of all things Deadpool. Unfortunately I’m also sitting here watching 2 people/idiots have an argument about how the new Deadpool writers have watered down the series.
Dead Pool: A Typical Tuesday: Fan Film

Max Payne 3, Video Game Review

max_payne_3-wide I’m a little late to this game. But after finally finishing it, I wish I would have bought this when it was first released. The story is all there, Gangs, Corrupt Police, Organ Harvesters, and Max dealing out punishment and trying to survive. Rockstar created another memorable game.
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A Tale of Two Spiders…


I’m sitting here watching the new Spiderman movie on Starz. I’m actively looking for the differences between these movies. It’s apparent this new movie is darker, but is it better than Sam Raimi’s Multiple attempts?
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