A Tale of Two Spiders…


I’m sitting here watching the new Spiderman movie on Starz. I’m actively looking for the differences between these movies. It’s apparent this new movie is darker, but is it better than Sam Raimi’s multiple attempts? I have to admit when the original came out in 2002, I was there front row, opening night, in some crazy theater in South Korea passing my time in the Army. I hope the smell of dried squid and other Korean delicacies allowed into the movie theater doesn’t make me biased.

I still remember the first views of Spiderman swinging though the city. I was hella hyped and I had that cinematic moment of awe. Yet even then I thought it looked a might cartoonish. But then again it was 1992, CGI was on its way up back then. Tobey Maguire was our hero, definitely looking the part of the social outcast Peter Parker. But I could never see him as an action hero. I always gave him the benefit of the doubt until the third Spiderman when he sauntered down the street to the disco music in some weak ass attempt at seeming bad ass. The trilogy lost me there, but damn, that should have been the best movie. When you get the rights to film a movie with Venom, you take it and run with it, and make the most conflicted, dark story you can. I understand that millions of people would have been turned off by the darkness, but you gotta break some eggs to make a sick ass Venom omelet. Imagine the film Version of this…venom

But then again how could they market that to the public. It would have been crazy, over-the-top violent. Let’s look at a list of all the villains so far and compare them to the Lizard from the new Movie as well as the villains lined up for the new reboot.


Here we have 4 of the 5 villains, the only reason I didn’t involve Harry Osbourne is that he flipped script in the third movie and became a semi hero.

1. Green Goblin/Willem Dafoe: He is the perfect choice to play the villain. Willem Defoe could play a scarecrow in a field without speaking parts in a 2 hour scarecrow biopic, he is that good and creepy.

2. Dr. Octopus/Alfred Molina: I’ve gotta admit they got some awesome actors to play the villains so far. I’ve seen this guy in a boat load of films. He plays Dr. Octopus with a sane intellectual vibe before he loses his wife and goes insane when his suit malfunctions and takes over his mind. Then he plays the villain well before coming to his senses at the end. Out of the first three movies he is, by far, my favorite villain.

3. Here comes the third sub par movie with the Sandman/Thomas Haden Church: They want us to believe he is the villain, but if I see one more flashback trying to rationalize his descent into crime, I’m probably not gonna buy him being a true villain.

4. Venom/Topher Grace: I’m a fan of this guy and when I heard he was playing Venom I had high hopes even though he is known for comedies. I’m not gonna put the fault on him, more so the fact that I’m sure the producers were afraid to make Venom what he truly is from the comics. I’ll just go with homicidal, best description for Eddie Brock.

And here is the reboot.

Lets start with the hero. Our Spiderman this time around is darker: same story, different tone, Uncle Ben still dies. This time though Peter Parker goes off on a darker journey. I like Andrew Garfield way better in the role of Spiderman. He has a conflicted style that fits the role perfect. The director, Marc Webb, had the vision to try to use the full effects of having web shooters. Spiderman uses his webs in some pretty fantastic moves that had my jaw dropping.

These are the villains. Good thing they are going in a different direction with the Villains and not trying to reboot them as well.


1. The Lizard/Rhys Ifans: I gotta say this guy is one of my top 10 favorite actors. He was awesome in everything from Pirate Radio to his Harry Potter turn as Xenophilius Lovegood. He tried his best with this role as a bland, mildly interesting doctor with one arm. As a villain, the Lizard just seems to be a Brute with regeneration abilities. He tries to make the world in his image by introducing the gas into the atmosphere to make everyone a lizard. But if I was a Scientific Lizard, I’d be more diabolical. He wasn’t bad and it was good to see Spidey up against someone who could overpower him.

The next 2 are just on speculation.

2. Electro/Jamie Foxx: Lets just say this, I’m fresh off of seeing Django Unchained and Jamie Foxx could play an electric toaster and I would find some insight into it. There would be few lines but he would stare intently into the camera ’til you shared his view. A film version of Electro would be something to see and I imagine the CGI would be all over the place. Guess we will find out.

3. The Rhino/Paul Giamatti: this is where it gets interesting. I heard Paul campaigned for this role because he has been a fan since he was a kid. But the CGI work is gonna have to be crazily spot on to pull this off. I have no doubts of Paul Giamatti pulling off the acting side of this role. But to pull off a role that consists of being a 1 ton, raging, muscular rhino would be Oscar worthy. Again I can’t wait to see.

Well, this brings us to then end. I lean more towards the new Spiderman films on the fact it grabbed so many scenes out of the comic and brought them to life. I don’t know if the enemies can live up to what they were in the original series, but judging by the tone of the first reboot, I have hope. I like the edginess and hope that if the villains from the first go around somehow entered the reboot they would have more angst.

Here’s hoping for a Carnage spot in one of the future films.Carnage-spider-man-3979267-800-600


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