Archer and Bob’s Burgers Crossover

Archer Bob's Burgers Crossover
Season 3 Episode 1. How ****ing cool was this episode of Archer? I’m a huge fan of Archer and didn’t realize the new season started. I turned on the DVR last night and saw I missed a new episode. Kinda stoked that I had something new to watch, I turned it on. It immediately started off with a Bob’s Burgers sign. Now I’m familiar with the fact Jon Benjamin does the voice for both Bob and ArcherĀ and I’ve been a fan of his for a while, ever since Home Movies and Dr. Katz. And even though the Comedy Central show, ‘John Benjamin has a Van,’ was really kind of hit and miss, I still watched it.

Archer has been on hiatus for a while now and I’ve filled the void with some Bob’s Burgers and fellow Sunday night Animation Domination shows on Fox. But the sight of a Bob’s Burgers sign in Archer led me to believe I was in for something awesome. It seemed Archer had amnesia and has lived the last 8 months being the fry cook for Bob’s Burgers, complete with family, although it is brought to attention that the kids were his step-children (apparently to make the crossover more feasible). The episode quickly takes on a History of Violence parody. Where through some brutal ass kicking on some KGB agents who come into the restaurant, he is dragged back into the spy world. The humor and sarcasm are clever and the low key jokes make you laugh like crazy if you can get the references.

I’m not going anymore into the story; I just loved the Bob’s Burger crossover. The only thing that could have made it better is if Kristen Schaal would have spoken a few lines for Louise. None-the-less, having Archer play Bob and John Roberts bring his voice over to play Linda Belcher, Bob’s wife, was amazing. If you’re not a fan of either show, you should check them out. Archer is one of the funniest show’s on TV and Bob’s Burgers is funny but appeals to a different audience. If we want to get rid of reality shows then we should support original material like this.