Uncle Ruckus Boondocks Spinoff
I’ve been watching this Boondocks Facebook buildup promising something new today, All the hype they have been building made me think that a new season was over the horizon. Some more adventures from the young gangster Riley, or the urban terrorist Huey.

But we got this, Uncle Ruckus swinging around a confederate flag like a young Jedi, actually kinda like the fat Jedi kid from the youtube videos. I never wanted to contribute to anything on Kickstarter, but this seems legit. I wouldn’t mind seeing this. I do love me some Boondocks.
If you wanna invest kick on over to Uncle Ruckus Kickstarter

The Hype

The origin of Uncle Ruckus

Slightly Racist to say the very least, But Aaron McGruder tells a good story while kicking in the face and pride of America..


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