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Twilight the Movie, Doug Benson Interruption Variety..

How awesome is this going to be, I am dragging my fiancée with me. She is a die-hard anti Twilight watcher, She has never seen the Twilight movies, believing them to be the downfall of American cinema. But with the help of Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Doug Benson, and Friends. I hope to change her perspective. How would you like to watch your worst movie you have ever seen. In a movie theater, with 5 of the best comedians ever, heckling it, I see no better way. Let the comedy begin.



Uncle Ruckus Boondocks Spinoff
The Facebook Buildup of the Boondocks had me hoping for a new season, or quite possibly a movie. But I didn’t expect this,  See More

Archer and Bob’s Burgers Crossover

Archer Bob's Burgers CrossoverAre Archer and Bob the same person? How ****ing amazing was this episode, I’m a fan of both shows, and this episode was great, from the beginning till the end.. Bob’s Burgers in a crossover on Archer, complete with family.. By the way Jon Benjamin is comedy.. 

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Thanks for finding your way here..

Hello All, We are attempting to move our site onto WordPress and manipulate it into something functional.. I originally thought WordPress was designed for children, but now I see all the small issues I’m running into. Trial and error I guess. Should have something worth looking at by the beginning of the year.  Our original site was with joomla and it is still around to be viewed over at Although if you go to that site have patience it is hella slow, hence the move to something new. Thx for checking us out, this is the beginning of good things.