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Game of Thrones has returned

Game Of Thrones Season 4 has started.. And we’re loving this first episode, especially the Hound and Arya.. They could take these 2 and go off and do some Scooby Doo missions and it would still be insanely awesome..Chicken and the Hound

Winter Is Definitely Coming..

Stoked at these recent Game of Thrones episodes, Found myself just laughing at an episode because I saw this in my head. I like to put my thoughts into actual pictures.—->On a side note the internet has brought to my attention what the snow looks like.. Internet, you have a dirty mind..



Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Zombie_Jesus_by_Angry_Eyeball We’re not really into religion by any stretch of the imagination, but we are followers of Zombie Jesus Day. Found this picture over at Deviant ArtThe artist who submitted it is Angry-EyeballAgain people, Happy Zombie Jesus Day from us here At Background Hysteria.


PC Load Letter, WTF does that mean?

Office Space, Walking Dead Fan.. Decided to mash them into one pic.


Iron Man 3 Awesome Posters

Finally Hollywood is getting it right with their movie posters. Last year was a run of posters with the hero’s back to the camera facing some giant obstacle. It’s bleeding over into this year with the Star Trek poster. But here comes Iron Man with 4 awesome posters each telling a story and looking damn awesome.


The Odd World of Sesame Street

Well I’ve been practicing with photoshop out of boredom, I kinda liked the way my Muppets pics came out. Figured I’d try my hand at more muppets, the Sesame Street kind. This time around I did, Corrupt, Upgrade, Addiction, and Tenacity.

Sesame Street Intro

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Photoshop and Muppets go Hand in Hand

Got crazy bored today and opened up photoshop. I had no idea where I was going with it but I do love me some muppets. I like the way these turned out, especially the Beaker one. Madness I say, Madness….


Alright Espn, Stop bragging..

With enough beer and a running start some of us can make it 2 yards…

Alright Espn, Stop bragging


My Random Artwork(Photoshop)

I like to dabble in some Photoshop every now and then, This here is a gallery of some stuff. Still a novice but getting better.