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The Easter Bunny hates you..

What does the Easter Bunny do the other 364 days of the year. Kicking ass and terrorizing the neighborhood. Pretty slick video I found on Youtube from Clippomania 


Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin

Creepy Actors, Awesome Camera Work, And a Flamethrower. A Trifecta of fun. Film from Blink. Note to self, Get a Flamethrower. Side note, stay away from rednecks. Alright maybe not, my roots are redneck but I fled to California to escape the hills.
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Dead Pool: A Typical Tuesday: Fan Film

Dead Pool
I’m a huge fan of all things Deadpool. Unfortunately I’m also sitting here watching 2 people/idiots have an argument about how the new Deadpool writers have watered down the series.
Dead Pool: A Typical Tuesday: Fan Film

Our Attempts at Making a Molding of a Face, Phase 1

We tried our hand at making a mask of a face. It didn’t turn out great but gave us insight into the answers. Thanks to Kathy Elstins for being our Guinea Pig. No Harm, No Foul. Tomorrow we try casting, where we hope we can fix the errors.


Vegas Drunken Cab Ride Back to the Hotel

Broke out my IPhone and just started recording the ride back to our hotel in Las Vegas. I was hella drunk thinking how cool would this look with a soundtrack..


Smashing Pumpkins Live at the Fillmore – Gossamer

Found this footage on an old hard drive. We were allowed to bring our cameras into the Fillmore. This is from one of the 5 shows they did that week from the same venue. Best I could salvage, my girls old sony handicam butchered the Audio on anything loud or fast.. I so wish I had my Panasonic Hmc 150 or my insane mic back then…


Mike hates Geese

Second practice attempt with this video and after effects, still not close to being done. ¬†This is one big practice project in progress. New Camera new software and a good amount of boredom…


Messing around with my Camera

Over at a friends house testing out my camera, passed by the TV plugged into it with a HDMI cable and saw this trippy effect, kinda cool


Muir Beach Overlook

Went up Muir Beach Overlook to film this, so I could sell my family on coming out to visit. Lets just say I had to up the colors, the original day was not nice and the water not so blue, but a little effects later i kinda sold it..


Trippy Lady Bug

Saw this ladybug, added some colors…