Comics and Artwork: Ben Templesmith puts other artists to shame.


bentemplesmithAlright, this guy has a wicked imagination and a superior artistic talent to back it up. We first heard about Ben Templesmith when I found this book ‘Welcome to Hoxford,’ about an insane inmate with a god complex, waiting out his final days on death row. It does not pay to be this guy’s bunk mate. He is transferred to a commercially funded maximum prison. With a werewolf twist, maximum bloodshed follows.

Ben Templesmith is an Australian Comic book artist … actually he’s just an artist; screw the comic book aspect. He got his start providing art for some of Todd Mcfarlane’s comics (yet another favorite ‘comic’ artist). I remember being a kid and reading Spawn, completely different from the X-Men, Deadpool and Infinty Gauntlet comics I was reading at the time. It was a whole new style of comics I did not know existed. The darker, more vivid, side of comics.

I read this book and immediately started looking for more of his work. This led me to the Wormwood: Gentle Corpse series.
This book explains itself. And this is just the intro to the first book.

“Welcome to a new and twisted universe-one where a corpse-possessing worm is your guide.”These stories follow the wild tales of the followers of the squid mother, exotic dancers, leprechauns and the leprechaun queen.”

Also with plenty of tentacles, what seems to be a running theme. These books are beautifully drawn in a morbid way and make for some real interesting story-telling.

His other projects include 30 Days of Night: A great comic and semi decent movie. Criminal Macabre (I just began this series) is, so far, pretty intriguing.

Criminal Macabre is about Cal McDonald, a former cop turned supernatural detective who, with the aid of his ghoul sidekick, Mo’lock, battle the forces of evil through the fog of pills and alcohol.

All of the above graphic novels/comics are amazing. Which brings us to the end. But not quite the end. I leave you with a video I found, directed by Julien Mokrani. This is Welcome to Hoxford, ‘The Fan Film,’ an amazing recreation of the comic starring Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher & Arben Bajraktaraj. I recognize these guys from many flicks but mostly from the great early Guy Ritchie films. This captures the comic, but if you like this film the comic offers so, so, so, so much more and should be read. This video is slightly graphic, take it as you will. And if you have never read any of Templesmith’s work, pick up one of the above or the many more I didn’t mention. I enjoyed them and so will you.



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