Drive… The Coolest Movie ever Made..


This Movie is by far the coolest movie I have ever seen. I love everything about this flick. Originally it was the color scheme that got me, I love the blue/orange color scheme, a scheme that has made its appearance in recent films.

Driver is a man with simple goals; don’t cross him, stick by his rules and everything will work out. He works as a stuntman by day, getaway driver by night. His life is content because he works by his own rules. Enter Irene, his neighbor. She plays the single mother well, going on dates with Driver, bringing her son along, seemingly living a perfect life. Brian Cranston plays his straight man perfectly, trying to set up an auto racing team, but choosing a bad partner in the Gangster Bernie Rose. Played perfectly by Albert Brooks (who takes a darker turn in this flick), a man who holds hope in things but is nonetheless required to bring out his gangster mentality to set things right. He plays the perfect villain, even so more than Ron Pearlman who plays the sidekick. Brooks brings out the human aspect, showing the reason behind his inhuman attacks and why it must be necessary.

I’ll be honest, folks, what really sold me on this flick, other than the way it was beautifully filmed, was the soundtrack. When he’s taking her on a date and they’re driving the waterways of LA with ‘A Real Hero’ playing by College, it’s the quintessential perfect cinematic scene. The slow methodic music playing in the elevator as he kisses her right before he goes ape shit on the hired assassin in said elevator. The music really sold me.

Enter her husband, fresh from his jail stint. Pushing Driver away but then again dragging him into his current situation which has no gain for Driver but for his love for the wife, makes it a must do. The heist takes a horrible turn and makes Driver have to go up against Bernie Rose and his partner Pearlman (Nino). He is not a man to be reckoned with, slowly dealing out his punishment to the end.

I can not stop watching this movie. If I can’t find anything else on, this is a must see. It speaks to the way I intend to film, with orange/blue scheme that current films are adopting. But also boasts an amazing soundtrack I can’t stop listening too. I always try to make a top ten list of the films I love, but this film is always in the top 3, and will never drop. From Soundtrack to the way it looks, It is Cinematic Pleasure..


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