Five Signs Aliens Are Among Us..

aliens attack the block 3Well I tend to the browse the internet daily, and every now and then I spot a trend.  I see a bunch of stories and I think to myself that’s how a movie would start. Something so simple that could potentially spiral out of control. Whether it be a Flu, Zombie Apocalypse, or what I’m commenting on now, Alien Invasion. I’m not some crazy nut living in my fallout shelter wrapped in tin foil, just someone who finds humor in life. So this article dives into the 5 signs we are being invaded. If this is real or not I could care less but it is hella cool to look at.

1.Crazy Meteor Shower in Russia

This looks straight out of a movie. I gotta hand it to the Russians though, they don’t slow down or skip a beat, I guess it’s just another day.  Lucky for us they have an unusual amount of dash cams.  6 Months from now we will be hearing about random disappearances in Russia. Mutant like Apes scouring the countryside in search of food. At least it’s Russia where everyone owns a small arsenal.

2. Alien Worms In New Jersey

alien worm

This Alien was found swimming in New Jersey. I think it’s time for me to swear off all forms of water. In salt water you have sharks, in Fresh water you apparently have these. This looks completely out of a Ridley Scott Alien movie. Fear not, experts say it’s only a Sea Lamprey, Which apparently looks even more devious due to the camera angle. They’re generally only 3 Ft long, but that’s 2 Ft more than it needs to take my foot, so no thanks. The fact this thing exists and I have never seen it before is mind-boggling. But I still don’t rule out a mix between New Jersey pollution and a caterpillar.

3. Strange Stick-like Creatures in Fresno Park

Just found this on youtube, So apparently this isn’t the first video posted like this, There have been multiple sightings of these things in the area. Not quite sure if I’d really be worried if this is what aliens looked like. If I woke up and saw this I’d think I was having a nightmare about a bed sheet and just roll over and go back to sleep thinking it some ill effect from the 4 chili cheese dogs I may have eaten earlier. Plus they look crazy slow and just like zombies, If they’re slow I have a fighting chance as long as I’m faster than the person beside me.

4. Alien Prank goes Horribly Wrong

Love this video. Starts out like a prank video but then gets awesome. If there was ever an alien invasion I would act the same way, over the top and with great malice. But then again if I had friends like this I would act the same way to them. This video was made over at, found it on youtube.

5. This Video Speaks for Itself

What can I say about this video, other than the fact that aliens are hiding in plain site in this country and we celebrate and applaud them when they show their true colors. Wow Lady Gaga, Wow. Feel like I’m watching Cocoon, where’s Wilford Brimley and Steve Guttenberg. Screw it I’m building a fort in Montana so I can be ready when they make their move. Perhaps, I should be the crazy nut living in my fallout shelter wrapped in tin foil, it’s only a matter of time, HA.



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