Kick Ass 2: Trailer Premier


Alright today is a good day in the Kick Ass World, with the intro of a new trailer for Kick Ass 2. This awesome flick will be in the movies on August 16th. This movie trailer has me hyped. I’ve seen the original, well, just about every time it’s on TV. When you look at what’s on TV these days, Kick Ass is an improvement on most everything. Even with all the editing they have to do to show it on TV.

Here is the trailer, pay attention to Colonel Stars and Stripes, with his trusty dog. Jim Carrey making a wicked Intro.

Now I’m a huge fan of the series, I finally got my Hit Girl Hardback book in the mail, too bad I already read Kick Ass 2, the Hit Girl book is supposed to be a prelude. Soon to find out…

I was hyped to see Jim Carrey in this flick as Captain Stars and Stripes. He seems to have a bit of a plastic face but also looks like he bulked up for the role, so here’s hoping for something awesome. The trailer looks like it was ripped straight out of the comic book, line for line. I can not wait.. I hate how some movies are changed for the worse, AKA ‘Wanted’ such an awesome comic, yet translated into a subpar movie.


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