Movie the Movie

moviethemovieI love how they got all these actors together to do these trailers. This is Movie the Movie 1 and 2V. It comes from the Jimmy Kimmel show. I like this show, he doesn’t follow the normal late night talk show script. I rank my late night talk show hosts by:

1.Craig Ferguson

2.Jimmy Kimmel

3.Jimmy Fallon.

Leno and Letterman have overstayed their welcome. They have jokes but they are hella dated. The new class is starting to bring it. More videos like these and more skits like when Matt Damon kidnapped Jimmy then took over his show with amazing guests for the whole episode, will soon move Kimmel into the top spot. I just can’t give up on Ferguson, he works with the absolute minimum and kills it.

This is Movie the Movie

This is Movie the Movie 2V


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