Project X: Movie Review


Alright I’m all in with this movie. It’s the type of movie you can turn on when there is absolutely nothing else to watch. This movie has been making its way around my premium channels. Originally on Max, but now I found it on HBO. I heard this was based on a real party in LA. But seriously doubt it. At least not to this extent.

This is the story of Thomas. Your normal, not too popular teenager, along with friend Costa, the catalyst to the coming events. Just a story of a teenager wanting to be accepted, about to celebrate his birthday, with his parents leaving the town for the weekend. Enter Costa, his best friend, trying to play the godfather gangster role and inviting anyone with an email address or a cell phone to come by. Also enters his friend JB, the outcast dork friend we all expect to see in these teen films. Last is Dax, the man with the camera, rarely on film, but the man who sees all and shows this story in all its eclectic, fast paced, rhythmic style. Todd Phillips of the Hangover produces this, so we have our beautiful shots, and awesome soundtrack to back this film up

What Thomas hopes as a small party takes off like a flame lit in gasoline and nitro glycerin. What is a small party turns into multiple block wide party complete with a flame throwing drug dealer, and a scene unable to be controlled by the police. Thomas is initially disturbed by all the people in his house, but the crowd does nothing but grow in this 87 min film. Stay downstairs, that doesn’t last long, now they’re upstairs. OK, now they’re in the back yard. Wonderful, now they’re on the roof. Great, now they’re 3 blocks away. OK now might be the time to worry. This movie is like watching a small brush fire lit and just sitting back comfortably and watching it destroy a small forest.

Our main characters show the right amount of nerd culture that makes us happy when their efforts pay off. At the end of this movie, our characters are applauded for what they accomplished. Destroying a city block with the most epic party ever. This movie is good for its epic slowmo shots backed by an epic soundtrack. Our main guys begin this film tethered by what they know is right and wrong . But as the movie spirals out of control, they soon realize they can’t keep up or keep order, and just begin to go with it. If you can’t control or beat it, damn well better role with the punches. At the end when they are on the roof realizing how epic this party has become, it is actually a pretty serene feeling. Music subdued, Fires in the distance, our friends remarking on the outcome. Seems pretty calm, with all the mayhem in the background.

In the end though, no matter the destruction or massive debt Thomas seems to be in, our main characters have learned a lot of lessons and have climbed up the social ladder. But with a burned down house, pool drenched Mercedes. Or fire totting drug dealer. Who really won. Maybe Thomas, Yet I gotta feel bad for his dad and the fact everything he owns is in ruins. The whole party just ends in one massive riot type atmosphere.

Well I loved the music that was interweaved into this story and the scenes, and wish I would have tried something like this when I was younger. If my kid ever pulls this off, like Homer Simpson, I might have to choke him out for a minute. But in the end I could never be mad at this ingenuity. Good flick check it out.


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