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Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Zombie_Jesus_by_Angry_Eyeball We’re not really into religion by any stretch of the imagination, but we are followers of Zombie Jesus Day. Found this picture over at Deviant ArtThe artist who submitted it is Angry-EyeballAgain people, Happy Zombie Jesus Day from us here At Background Hysteria.


The Odd World of Sesame Street

Well I’ve been practicing with photoshop out of boredom, I kinda liked the way my Muppets pics came out. Figured I’d try my hand at more muppets, the Sesame Street kind. This time around I did, Corrupt, Upgrade, Addiction, and Tenacity.

Sesame Street Intro

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Photoshop and Muppets go Hand in Hand

Got crazy bored today and opened up photoshop. I had no idea where I was going with it but I do love me some muppets. I like the way these turned out, especially the Beaker one. Madness I say, Madness….