Twilight, Doug Benson Interruption Variety..

How awesome is this going to be, I am dragging my fiancée with me. She is a die-hard anti Twilight watcher, She has never seen the Twilight movies, believing them to be the downfall of American cinema. But With the help of Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Doug Benson, and Friends. I hope to change her perspective. How would you like to watch your worst movie you have ever seen. In a movie theater in the castro, with 5 of the best comedians heckling it, I see no better way. Let the comedy begin. bensoninterruptionslider

This is a little introduction to the Benson Interuption, I hope his Twilight Interuption is as Comedy as this clip.. This clip is with T.J.Miller, I’ve seen this guy live twice and his new show on Comedy Central, Mash Up, is amazing..


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